Virtual Home Surveys and Self-Inventory Tool

Self-Inventory Tool

Moving estimates are based on many factors such as weight, packing requirements, items needing special servicing, residence access, storage needs etc.

A visual survey allows our moving consultant to visually inspect your belongings to determine these requirements.

Virtual Home Surveys

A Virtual Home Survey is just like a regular in-home survey. It helps our moving consultants determine how many possessions you have and what you are moving.

The difference is that we do the survey using your smartphone or tablet so that the survey can be done faster and the estimate sent to you sooner than ever before.

Just like any home estimate from Taylor, this virtual survey is free. You can schedule your own appointment, choosing a time that is convenient for you. We even offer same-day appointments!

When you have booked your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a Zoom or Google Meets link that we will use to meet and virtually tour your home to do our inventory survey. Our moving consultant will be with you throughout the session to answer any questions you may have and soon after send out your moving estimate.

Self-Inventory Tool

In a rush? Save even more time by doing your own home survey using our AI-powered survey tool.

Using your smartphone or tablet, simply enter a few details about your move, then use our survey tool to scan through the rooms of your home. The tool uses cutting edge AI technology to identify items and packing requirements then combines that into a report that is sent to your move consultant. Our moving consultant can then reach out to you the very next business day to customize your moving estimate, answer any questions or details and get your estimate to you all in that same business day!