Why Choose Taylor Moving?

In today's world, how do you know the differences between suppliers of goods and services? After all, every company usually offers up a list of features that are standard industry practices.

Taylor Moving and Storage certainly offers all these as well. What makes us unique, however, are the unique features we offer that no one else does:

  • We are the only company we know of that has a full time Quality Control Supervisor dedicated to the training and development of our helpers, packers and van foreman. He does nothing else.
  • We are the only company we know of that does not hire casual labour from a temporary agency or from other sources.
  • We are the only company we know of that requires every new hire to be interviewed by one of the companies' owners and that also requires each applicant to take a Personality Profile Test before being hired.
  • We are the only company in Southern Ontario that offers our local clients packing themselves free moving boxes (100% refundable deposit required).
  • We are the only company in Southern Ontario dedicated 100% to household moves. We do not service large office moves, special products, etc. This allows 100% of our efforts to be dedicated to household goods moving improvement.
  • We are the only mover in Ontario that holds their USA Department of Transportation (DOT) licenses directly. This allows our own trucks (not a van line or 3rd party) to provide service to our clients directly, resulting in higher quality and a shorter transit time.
  • We are the only mover that offers complete car brokerage services on cross border moves to our clients at no charge.
  • We are the only mover in Southwestern Ontario, that requires a complete criminal records check of all of its van foreman.
  • We know that quality service is always a work in progress. As we implement new services and quality processes, we will let you, our customers know.