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Employee Relocation

Are you an employee relocating yourself? Let us help you.

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We Offer Elite Full-Service Moving

Our step-by-step process includes:

  1. Moving Request
  2. Move Logistics and Any Applicable 3rd Party Services
  3. Expert Packing
  4. Master Loading
  5. Self-Hauling
  6. Quality Delivery
  7. Thoughtful Unpacking
  8. Debris Removal

Here’s what your experience will look like:

A top-notch local move starts with the connection between our moving consultant and you, our client.


In the early stages of the process, our consultants work with you to identify your challenges and wants to create an effective, customized moving solution. Our moving consultant will review your packing requirements, note any special items that may need special handling or storage needs, and take a complete inventory of the goods you wish to move. From this, we can create an accurate moving estimate that outlines the move’s costs and will be the basis for your moving plan, allowing us to deliver exceptional service on your moving day.

Moving Day

On your moving day, the Taylor team looks after the rest. Our crews lay down floor runners to protect your home, and items like sofas are plastic-wrapped to ensure they are kept clean throughout the process. Everything we take apart, we put back together. All furniture is placed in the correct room to feel like your new home is what you dreamed of when you bought it.

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Enhancing Your Global Mobility: The Value-Add of Taylor Moving & Storage

Our expert move coordination team, specializing in Canadian, America-to-Canada, and America-to-Canada moving, helps facilitate the most seamless transition possible. From setting up third-party services to navigating the complexities of customs, they do it all at no cost to you, the company.

Like our domestic team, our international move coordinator team facilitates the most seamless international transition possible. Whether that is setting up shipping containers or working through customs regulations and requirements. They help ensure that any stress relating to your move is handled. All at no additional cost to you, the company.

For shipments inbound into Canada, we clear customs for our clients so they do not have to worry about the process. Our clients can take that stress off their plate while ensuring quicker move times, allowing them to focus on onboarding for their next assignment—a win-win for our relocating employees and the corporation servicing the move.

We streamline communications between our organization and corporate clients by utilizing a single point of contact. Our single point of contact utilizes a robust IT system to simplify the process and collaborates with our entire value chain to ensure that you understand everything going on in a format that is easy for you, our client, to comprehend, reducing the complexity of our relationship.

Why choose Taylor Moving?

Years of experience
Satisfaction rate
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5-star reviews

Ensuring Quality of Moves

We understand that as a service, we are only as good as our people. Our own trained staff always undertakes your local move. We do not hire casual labor. We want to ensure every client gets the best moving experience, no matter where you are going.

We would be delighted to offer a free, no-obligation estimate for your local move and to show you why, for over 60 years, Taylor Moving has been the mover of choice.

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