How We Are Being Rated

Rick Taylor December 12, 2013 Resources, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Taylor is in the business of employee relocation. Approximately 70% of our sales volume is derived through moving employee's household goods when they are transferred into a new city or country.

Most of these transfers occur amongst the largest corporations in the world. In some cases, these corporations may transfer upwards of 1000 employees globally as part of the worldwide human resources strategy.

Fortune 500 companies continue to outsource their employee relocation programs to outside parties in order to reduce their administartion costs to their human resources departments. In 2013, 92% of all employee relocation programs were outsourced to companies that specialize in employee relocation. These firms execute the corporation's policy in areas like travel expense, real estate disposal, work visas, destination services and of course the movement of household goods.

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