Moving day - what about the kids?

Rick Taylor June 17, 2011 Press Release, Local Moving, Burlington

The summer is the period of peak demand for moving companies. This is the best time for families to relocate to avoid disrupting their children’s education.

Moving can be a major upheaval for children. They feel anxious about separation fromfriends, schools and neighborhoods. Involving children in planning the move can help to calmtheir fears.

When you arrive in your newcommunity, you may find that organized summer activities are already under way. Itmay be too late for your children to participate. Neighbourhood kids may be away on vacation, making it difficult to make new friends immediately. Theremay be several weeks before newfriends can bemade at school.

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International Assignments

Rick Taylor June 7, 2011 Press Release, Overseas Moving, Burlington

International corporate relocations froze during the recession, but that trend is now thawing.

Canadian firms are assigning employees around the globe in growing numbers, according to a Canadian Employee Relocation Council poll to be published later on Tuesday. Top five destinations are the U.S., the EU, China, Australia and South America.

The recession dramatically slowed the number of relocations as companies hunkered down and cut costs. But more firms seem now willing to pay to move their staff to foreign locations as the economy recovers and companies are under more pressure to go global.

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