Moving day - what about the kids?

Rick Taylor June 17, 2011 Press Release, Local Moving, Burlington

The summer is the period of peak demand for moving companies. This is the best time for families to relocate to avoid disrupting their children’s education.

Moving can be a major upheaval for children. They feel anxious about separation fromfriends, schools and neighborhoods. Involving children in planning the move can help to calmtheir fears.

When you arrive in your newcommunity, you may find that organized summer activities are already under way. Itmay be too late for your children to participate. Neighbourhood kids may be away on vacation, making it difficult to make new friends immediately. Theremay be several weeks before newfriends can bemade at school.

Planning can ensure children are involved in the new community quickly. Contact schools to find out about registration and orientation programs. Contact community centres about summer programs andmake arrangements for kids well before the move.

Get the children excited about moving. Help young children understand where they and their belongings are going. Involve them in house-hunting excursions and internet searches. Show them the new neighbourhood – the house, the parks, the school - using online maps.

Plan a special outing or party with your friends and theirs before you move. Help children to create happy memories with best friends and at favourite places.

Engage children in preparing formoving day. Have themselect a few favourite items to carry with themon their trip. Have thempack a box of “special” items. This box should be the first to be unloaded. Arrange for someone to take care of the kids while themovers are packing and loading. Parents will be very busy overseeing the move and may not be attentive to kids’ needs.

Children will need to adjust to their new setting. If possible, invite old friends to come for a visit to show off their new home.

Darlene July 20, 2012 @ 11:03 PM

I would also suggest taking pets relocation, garden maintenance and house cleaning into consideration before you move out.

John July 27, 2011 @ 9:52 AM

Many families move in the summer because. moving can be a major upheaval for children. I think older family member help the children understand where they and their belongings are going.

Peter June 24, 2011 @ 3:19 AM

You have raised a valid point regarding moving. Moving can be a major upheaval for children. So this point should be kept in mint while moving. Thanks for sharing.

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