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Rick Taylor May 24, 2011 Human Resources

Human Resources & The Moving Industry

Here at Taylor Moving HR is not simply the latest buzz word, it is the basis and backbone of our company.

I remember when I started here seventeen years ago, Mr. Allen Taylor founder and president went through sixty candidates for the sales position which I was applying for. Taylor Moving then and now continue to recruit, train and develop only the best to be part of Taylor Moving & Storage Ltd.

We realize if you have great people, the end result will be excellent service to our customers, resulting in referrals and customer satisfaction.

The days of placing a want add in the local paper have long since gone, you need to grow your network and centers of influence to assist you in bringing new people to the door for their initial interview.

I also use many different resource centers to advertise. We use current employee referrals to find new candidates, we get involved within the community to find potential employees. Wherever I am I always look to find that next potential new hire. If I receive great service at a gas station or a coffee shop you can bet I will leave that person my card and tell them to come see us, we have so much to offer our employees with an opportunity for growth within the company. We don’t look at Taylor as simple a "job" it’s a career, a new beginning for a new hire and their families.

Each potential new hire goes through a two interview process, and an online employee/moving career compatibility test, to ensure the new hire will not only fit the culture of Taylor Moving but Taylor Moving will fit their personality also, if there is a match then we proceed and with training and development the sky is the limit. These are just some of the ways Taylor Moving seperates ourself from the rest of the industry. Recruiting and Retention is one of our top priority’s and will continue to be in the future.

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