Southern Ontario in 20 years

Rick Taylor January 17, 2011 Resources

I was born in 1970 in what was then the small little town of Burlington,population 5000. The QEW was just coming into development and the surrounding towns of Oakville,Dundas and Milton were just villages.

Getting to Toronto was considered a big drive let alone any town north of Highway 7.

Today Burlington is approaching 200,000 residents and is truly a city in it's own right. Ditto Oakville and Milton.

According to the master zoning plan set up by the municipalities and the province of Ontario, our region is expected to absorb another million people in the next 20 years! It is exciting to be part of this growth as new business and cultural entities are bound to explode as well.

My hope is that we can grow but still maintain the real sense of community and safety that we as residents have all come to enjoy.

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