Four benefits of hiring an international mover

Arthur Drewry December 21, 2016 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Four benefits of hiring an international mover

So you’ve just accepted an international assignment from your company and you are trying to make the transition from Canada to your new location as easily as possible.

Your human resources department recommends that you use an international mover and here are several reasons why you should follow this recommendation and rely on a professional international mover.

International movers are far more complex than domestic moves.

According to the Canadian Employee Relocation Council the top three international destinations for assignments are; Europe , Africa & The Middle East. In terms of making adjustments, the most challenging international destinations are The Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Regardless of whether you are transferring to one of these destinations, or elsewhere, you will encounter a range of expenses linked to your move along with strict rules and regulations from the customs departments in those countries.

In all cases, the onus is on you to know what is permitted to be brought into your country of destination and what kind of regulations govern your move.

Trained and experienced international movers will be aware of the regulations and are equipped to help you plan for a seamless, door to door international relocation.

International movers are not covered by one regulatory body.

When it comes to selecting your international mover, do your research and take the essential steps needed to ensure that your mover is reliable and professional.

Recently, Taylor International was one of only two Canadian movers honored with prestigious awards as part of the Brookfield Supplier Partner Forum, an industry gala held in Washington, D.C.

Taylor won the Platinum Award for having receiving a cumulative satisfaction rating of 97.5 percent.

We were pleased to receive such public recognition for all the initiatives we take to distinguish ourselves from others in the business. For example, we do not hire casual labor from temporary agencies. We utilize our own moving crews and have a full-time quality control supervisor dedicated to their training and development.

International movers know how to move your goods safely and securely.

Moving your prized possessions to a foreign country requires knowledge of systems and strategies to ensure they are kept safe and secure.

With one quarter of Canadian employees now reporting that they would “very likely” accept a full-time job in a foreign country, some domestic movers are looking to jump on this trend and offer to do international moves.

However, only full-time international movers with experience can ensure your goods are moved carefully and professionally. Such movers are fully trained to properly pack goods to be shipped whether it be via air or sea freight.

International movers can give you vital information.

Your international mover will have answers or solutions to your questions, such as what you should take with you, how to move your vehicle and how to transport the family pets.

Having access to professionals with such knowledge is a huge benefit in avoiding stress linked to moving to a new country.

Taylor International, headquartered in Burlington, Ont., offers a worldwide moving service for our private and corporate clients. Call or email us to discuss your move at 1-877-832-8010 / +1 905 632 8010 / We look forward to hearing from you.

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