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From a Dream to Reality: Al Taylor’s Journey with Taylor Moving & Storage – A Canadian Saga of Triumph and Endless Opportunity! (Part 3)

In light of Alan Taylor's esteemed recognition at the Burlington Hall of Fame on October 19th, 2023, we're diving into the inspiring saga of Taylor Moving and Storage. Beyond a company's rise, this narrative embodies the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit, shining brightly in Burlington, with a touch of international relocation brilliance! Taylor Moving and Storage began as a family venture. From its inception, Al's sons, Russ and Rick, played pivotal roles, imbibing the entrepreneurial essence. Russ's innovative sales strategies secured influential clients like Hostess Frito Lay and Procter and Gamble. Simultaneously, Rick showcased his financial prowess, progressing from helper to driver, salesperson, and ultimately, steering the company's monetary helm. Their collaborative entrepreneurial journey showcases dedication, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to superior service. Today, under their joint vision, Taylor is a hallmark of dependability and effectiveness in the North American and international relocation scene.

In honor of Alan Taylor’s upcoming induction into the Burlington Hall of Fame on October 19th, 2023, at the Burlington Convention Center, we’re shedding light on his inspiring journey with Taylor Moving & Storage. This tale isn’t just about building a business; it’s a testament to the true spirit of the Canadian Dream. This is the third and final article in our series delving into Al’s illustrious career and the legacy he’s crafted in Burlington.

As years passed, the enterprise grew in stature and profitability, mirroring Al’s own life journey. Similarly evolving were his sons, Russ and Rick. They weren’t mere bystanders; they keenly observed, absorbing invaluable lessons as they geared up to join the family venture.

Russ commenced his journey with the firm in the late 90s, precisely when fresh energy and innovative perspectives were sought. Gifted in establishing connections, Russ swiftly made a mark in sales.

He fondly recollects, “January 1, 1989 marked my foray as a Corporate Account Executive. The digital age had yet to dawn; voicemail was the emerging mode of communication. My tools? A list of prospects and a phone. What followed were countless calls, notes, and appointments. It was during this phase that I partnered with Hostess Frito Lay, initiating a prosperous collaboration that continued until their acquisition by Pepsico in the early 90s.”

PepsiCo, Mississauga Office

Russ’s endeavor didn’t stop there. He adds, “I clinched an opportunity to collaborate with Procter and Gamble in 1989. That partnership remains intact to this day, even expanding to encompass cross-border and international relocations.”

Discussing his early research methods, Russ says, “Burlington Public Library was my go-to, aided by resources like Scott’s Directory and the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. It was an era sans internet.”

Russ’s momentum was unstoppable, “1989 and 1990 were landmark years, bringing in numerous clients. By 1991, we were handling relocations for over 30 corporations. Around this time, though we lost a significant client, Nortel, our aggressive approach ensured minimal impact.”

He adds, “The 90s also saw the rise of Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), altering the dynamics of client relationships. We adapted by forging bonds with major RMCs, who remain esteemed clients today.”

Russ humbly credits the company’s success, stating, “Our service delivery has always been paramount. Our commendable team and cherished clients are the pillars of our success.”

Rick, on the other hand, with expertise in finance and sales, swiftly identified finance as his calling. His journey began in the trenches, learning and evolving. “My formative years at Taylor Moving saw me juggling roles, from a helper to a driver, to a salesperson, all of which enriched my professional growth,” he says.

On reflecting about the perception of Al during those years, Rick notes, “He was seen as the linchpin, revered for his deep knowledge and unwavering work ethic.”

Rick’s responsibilities soon expanded, “I gradually took charge of the financial department and collaborated closely with our operations manager, all the while having dad’s unwavering support.”

For both brothers, Al wasn’t just a father; he was an exemplary mentor. By 2003, the torch was passed, with Rick and Russ acquiring the company. For them, it was a momentous occasion, second only to the birth of their children.

Rick and Russ, circa 2009

This transition was more than just a change of guard; it was about crafting their unique leadership narratives while preserving the foundational values.

Today, while Russ is the driving force behind sales, Rick is the backbone, ensuring the seamless operation of Taylor’s IT infrastructure. Their combined efforts have solidified Taylor’s reputation as a leading mover in North America, renowned for its efficiency and reliability.

Please join us for Al Taylor’s induction to the Burlington Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame on October 19th, 2023, at the Burlington Convention Center. The event starts at 5:30 and we would love to have everyone attend. Register for the event here.

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