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Taylor Moving Helps Raise $115,000 for WarChild

Taylor Moving was honored to assist WarChild, a charity dedicated to helping children effected by the horrors of war worldwide. We were delighted to help.

Dear John and Taylor Moving,

Thank you for so generously supporting Reclaim Childhood. With your help we are able to support WarChild’s programming supporting vulnerable children impacted by the Syrian crisis.

Special thanks to our wonderful hosts and their families, to Chantal Kreviazuk and to all our generous supporters.

We hope that this event will have inspired you to continue support of our work, as it is only through the genorsity of people like you that we are able to reclaim childhood for so many vulnerable children in some of the most volatile areas of the world.

With our gratitude and appreciation,

The War Child Canada team

To learn how you can help this worthy organization, please visit their website

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