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How to select the mover who is best for you

With the internet, it may seem selecting a mover is easier than ever. What you need to keep in mind is that there is a LOT of less than reputable firms out there. Read below on how to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Beware scam movers

Moving under any circumstances is stressful, but when you are uprooting yourself and your family and heading to another country, that stress is multiplied times 10.

You can ease a lot of that anxiety by ensuring that you select the mover who is best for you.

If your move is to another country, it is particularly important that you select a company such as Taylor International Moving that has experience in shipping goods across global entry points.

The best mover for you will also have established excellent relationships with points of contact along the way.

How will your goods be tracked?

Regardless of where you are moving, your mover should be able to assure that your possessions can be tracked from the moment they leave your current home until they reach your new home. Whether this is across oceans and continents or just south of the border to the United States or Mexico, they need to be able to know what is happening at all times.

If you encounter delays, they will be able to determine what is causing them and how to expedite things.

For all things associated with your transition from one place to another it relieves anxiety if you can have just a single source of contact. That should be your moving company and they should be able to know what is going on and keep you informed.

Besides hiring an experienced mover, find one who will give you a quote in writing about moving all the things that you have to take with you. To ensure that the estimate is accurate, they should see what has to be moved, not guess about it.

Remember the perils of packing on your own

If you are going to another country, it is vital that your moving company has had some experience dealing with the rules and regulations there. This familiarity will help enormously to keep you on track and ease the process of finding answers to your questions.

The best mover for you will be an experienced packer and able to help you deal with the special challenges of an international move. For example, packing for a container to be lifted by crane onto a ship is a different technique from packing for a transport trailer to roll up in front of your door.

In fact, in certain companies, your shipment will not even be allowed to enter the border without the goods packed and inventoried by a professional international mover. Not only must this list be complete, but in many cases it must be certified.

Your specialized mover will also be aware of the often long lists of goods that are prohibited from entry to certain nations.

Questions about finances and insurance

It is important to budget what your international move will cost you. Obtain 2-3 estimates. Many factors go into determining the over all cost of your move.

Selecting the right mover for your international move will help the process move forward seamlessly. Dealing with a mover who has no experience or knowledge about the intricate rules and relations that govern the worldwide movement of goods can be costly if your shipment is held in port because it doesn’t meet regulations, and you are charged port fees until the matter is sorted out.

Finally, make sure you ask your mover about the insurance policies issued for the shipment of your goods. In many cases, for example, the insurance company will not pay if you packed the goods yourself but will pay if the professional mover packed for you.

Taking the time to ask the right questions in advance as you look for the right mover for you is worth any investment of minutes or hours required. Remember that when it comes to picking the perfect mover, all the efforts you put into research and gathering information from them directly will be a small amount compared to the amount of stress it will cost you if you don’t take that time and end up with the wrong company for the job.

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