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Summer Capacity In The Moving Business

The household goods moving industry has a huge "push" of business between the end of June to the end of August. Lack of capacity can effect your moving plans.

Throughout these summer months the moving industry will witness over a 100% increase in business than our normal fall/winter and spring monthly averages. It is just not possible to hire professional movers for just 3 months to fill the need let alone the equipment needed. As a result, professional movers will experience many days where they simply can’t provide service to a client who has booked their move late in the process.

We at Taylor Moving try our very best not to overbook beyond our safe capacity. We do not want to do a move simply to generate revenue knowing that there is a high risk of it not being up to our standards.

If you are a corporate client or someone paying for the move yourself, it is in YOUR best interest to book your dates as soon as you have them. By leaving it til late in the process you may experience extra pick up costs, longer transit times, not getting the dates you need or even worse, having to risk using a mover who you have no connection with or that might be sketchy in their dealings.

I would strongly recommend speaking with your Taylor Moving consultant or coordinator as soon as possible to set it up. It will make your move a much, much smoother process.

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