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Things to Keep While in Transit

It is very important to take certain things with you while your household goods are in transit. The article below will help you prepare.

Travel bag showing items to keep on you while traveling

According to Harvard Medical School, two of the most common causes of forgetfulness are lack of sleep and stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, both of these factors are often present when you are planning international moves that will take you far from your comfort zone and the support systems of your friends and family.

Some things can be forgotten with nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

But at Taylor International Movers, we know how devastating it can be if certain key things are forgotten. They can derail your move, cause endless delays and make stress unbearable.

Basically, there are five key things that you should place in your carry-on backpack now and never, never remove them so that in the stress of the final days before you leave, you are not distracted and prone to forget them.

#1. Your personal documentation

You cannot go anywhere outside of the borders of Canada without your Canadian Passport. Of all your personal documentation items, this is the single most important thing you must always have with you. Make sure if you are heading out on an international move that your passport is up-to-date for the period you plan to be gone, plus one additional year. If you are going to be cutting it close, go and absorb the cost of getting a new 10-year passport. Keep in mind that many, many foreign countries will not let you enter their borders without a passport that is good for at least six months.

You will also need a Visa to enter many countries, even if you don’t plan to work there. Check out the requirements for visitation well in advance as some of these Visas, such as the one needed to enter China, for example, require you to surrender your passport for a few weeks to get the Visa. You do not want to discover things like this at the last minute.

It is a good idea to secure copies of the birth certificates for yourself and all your family members and take them with you when you leave Canada to engage in an international move. Keep these in a place separate from your passport.

With your personal documentation items, you should also store all your personal identification cards, your money, and a list of emergency telephone numbers.

Keep this list and on moving day, double check that you have all of these items together and ready to travel with you.

#2. Medications for yourself and all family members

If you have a serious medical condition that requires regular medication to keep it under control, never leave Canada without a minimum of a four-month supply of your prescription medication.

Additionally, make sure you check in advance of leaving to know where and what will be required to obtain refills once you reach your new place to live.

It is a good idea to take even over-the-counter medications such as allergy or cold pills or vitamin supplements unopened in your carry-on bag as well, depending on the stage of development of the country you are moving to. In many cases, things that are sold in Canada at corner drug stores are not necessarily so available in other places.

#3. Personal hygiene products, favourite make-up and creams

If you use a particular brand of deodorant, shaving cream or make-up because others bother your sensitive skin, you should take a few of these items with you until you determine whether or not you can buy them or a suitable substitute in the foreign country to which you are moving.

It is a rare place that would not offer some kinds of personal hygiene products, but specialty items are often hard to source. Once you are settled, you may discover you have to have them shipped to you, but if you have a small supply, this will give you time to find solutions.

Take favorite skin care products with you, personal hygiene products, and even a home hair coloring kit to allow yourself time to figure out your local resources.

#4. Take international plugs, charges and wires

The safest approach when travelling with your technology is to do excellent research in advance and find out from your international mover what kind of adapters you need to ensure your computers and personal devices work in your new home.

It is not uncommon to discover that things like your current cell phone will be useless and that you need to purchase a new product there. Be sure you know in advance what to expect on the technology front.

Check if Wi-Fi will be available in your new accommodations and if contracts to install it have to be done, try to do this in advance so that it will be waiting when you arrive. Otherwise, the time to get connected in certain areas can amount to several months as opposed to a few days.

#5. Keep small personal items with you

Nap time for your toddler in a crowded international airport is not a good time to discover that their favourite blanket or bunny is packed with your household items and inaccessible to you.

It’s a good idea to identify well in advance the security items your children can’t be separated from without problems. Of course they need them at home right up until you leave for the airport, but pin a note to your carry-on backpack to check and double-check that you have them with you.

For adults, keep personal mementoes to a minimum. Download favourite music in advance on your computer as well as family photos so you do not have to move such things. Use Skype, Facetime or other programs to see your loved ones when you are away instead of carrying remembrances of them.

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